FLL Team 7009 – Vitamin Z


“According to the United Nations, natural disasters have affected nearly 3 billion people worldwide and caused nearly $2 trillion USD in damage since 2000,” said President of DEKA Research & Development Corporation andFIRST ® Founder, Dean Kamen. “Coming up with their own ideas to prepare for, stay safe during, and rebuild after natural disasters empowers kids to make a difference and to feel ready if they learn about or face a natural disaster in the future.”

In the Nature’s Fury Project, our team will:
• Identify a community that could experience a natural disaster
• Identify a problem that happens when a natural disaster occurs
• Create an innovative solution that helps people prepare, stay safe, or rebuild
• Share our problem and solution with others


Field Trip to Portland State University to visit the iSTAR Lab

Our team will also build, test, and program an autonomous robot using a LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT to solve a set of natural disaster missions, such as positioning an evacuation sign, clearing an airplane’s runway of debris, and delivering supplies.  We plan to accomplish all of our goals this season keeping in mind the FLL Core Values and following our own Team Rules (below)
team rulesIMG_4954IMG_4982IMG_4996


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